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Wednesday, July 18th 2012

7:27 AM

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Related article: Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 07:35:48 -0700 (PDT) From: Tanner Blah Subject: Costa Rica Getaway chapter 1This story was written by me. It belongs to me. I don't know what to say about copywriting! So I guess saying it is mine is good enough This is my first story and I really would like to get feedback. I hope you like it as much as liked writing it! Please send feedback to tanmichfredyahoo.comThanks again! Tanner Costa Rican GetawayChapter 1 ... The Airport Tanner stood in the terminal of the Philadelphia International Airport staring at the staring at the bank of monitors that announced arriving ukraine preteen porn flights. He barely noticed the noise around him from the hundreds of people briskly walking past him either rushing to their flights or running towards loved ones. The muffled whine of arriving and departing flights barely registered in his ears. He was too excited, too preoccupied with his own thoughts ... too nervous. The day had finally come for him to meet the only true love of his life, Max. They had met less than a year ago on the internet. One of those random occurrences you sometimes hear about. Tanner wasn't looking for love at the time. That was probably the last thing on his mind actually, but after becoming friends with Max he realized there was something about him, something special. He tried to deny the feelings he soon started experiencing. After all, he didn't know Max, all he knew was what Max had told him about himself. Fourteen years old, "dirty dishwater blonde hair" as Max put it, about 5 feet tall, blue eyes, fair skin ... for almost a year, that image is all Tanner knew about the person he was falling madly in love with. To be fair though, Max knew only about the magazine art preteen same regarding Tanner. As their friendship grew, so did the feelings hussyfan preteens pics Tanner was having towards Max. It soon became apparent that these feelings were more than just adolescent hormones because what he felt, about Max, went much deeper than anything strictly sexual. Luckily for him, Max was having the same feelings towards Tanner. Their relationship began to blossom, and blossom fast. Up until this point, Tanner had never realized how alone he felt. Even in a crowd of people he wasn't really living, he was more or less preteens fucking pics on social autopilot. There was a major void in his life and Max was filling it more as each day passed. Tanner had never felt so alive before, so real - and now he was about to meet his soul mate for the first time. preteens movies sex The monitor showed that Max's flight from Pittsburg was on time and actually already on the ground. Tanner's heart leapt. "He's so close," he thought to himself. He was already waiting at the gate that Max's flight was supposed to arrive at so he turned around and saw the airplane, being taxied to the gate. His preteens fucking pics heart was beating faster. The minutes ticked by like they were hours but still he stood there, unmoving, almost statue-like, as he stared at the door through which Max would be walking. The door to the gate opened and slowly the progression of passengers began. A couple walked out followed by an elderly woman whose grandchildren ran to greet her nearly bowling the old woman over. More people came through the door, men, women, old, and preteen spread young moving so slow, at least to Tanner that he wanted to shout out to them to speed it up. He kept his mouth shut though and nervously shifted from foot to foot like a toddler in desperate need of a restroom. Suddenly he spotted him, or at least part of him. Max was exiting the airplane behind one of the most enormous men Tanner had ever seen. The man had to be six and a half feet tall easily and probably weighed in at around 350 pounds. Tanner desperately wished he still had half the doughnut he was eating earlier because right now, he would have thrown it at the giant's feet just so he would bend over and give Tanner a better glimpse at his love. Finally though, after what seemed like ages, the man departed the boarding tube and turned to his left and there he was – Max. Tanner almost fainted. Although he had a good idea of what Max looked like, they had never exchanged pictures. He didn't really care what Max looked like, to be honest, it was his heart and his soul that Tanner had fallen in love with but when he finally saw Max for the first time he could not believe that life had dealt him such a winning hand. He was, preteen ass xxx in a word, gorgeous. He thought that he might have died and gone to heaven because what he saw was a living angel. Tanner had seen many cute boys in his life so far. He lived in a summer resort town and got to see half naked boys all summer long but none of them even came close to comparing to what he was looking at right now. He was stunned, to say the least, and then it happened. Max spotted him in the crowd of people and their eyes met. Tanner almost melted on pretty portal preteens the spot. Not one of those slow melts like you see in the movies where they make a wax head or something then heat it under lamps and run the film really quick, but more like a cartoon melt where the character goes from solid to a puddle in half a second flat. Then Max did the one thing that could snap Tanner out of his trance which was also something that, believe it or not, made Max even MORE gorgeous than he already was. Max smiled. Tanner's eyes welled up as he started running towards Max. He was so focused on his destination that he almost succeeded where the grandkids had failed in knocking over the old lady but right now he didn't care. There was only one thing that his eyes could see. As he approached Max, tears were flowing from both of their eyes. As Tanner opened his arms while running the last few feet Max did the same. Max, to his credit, also braced himself for the impact because Tanner was not going to stop until he crashed into Max. When their bodies finally met, and their arms locked around each others backs, they only looked into each others eyes for a split second before they kissed each other deeply. Now mind you, at the terminal gates of the Philadelphia Airport you generally do not see thirteen and fourteen year old boys kissing, much less kissing as passionately as those two were. It was like a scene from a very liberal and progressive soap opera for teenage gay boys, but neither of them cared. They were finally together and to them nothing else mattered. After many "Ohhhs", "Ahhhhs" and quite a few barely audible remarks from the more ignorant people in the terminal, Tanner and Max finally broke off their kiss. Their arms still around each other and looking into each others eyes, they simultaneously blurted out "I love you" to each other and broke into young teenage giggles almost immediately at the dual timing of their words. They let each other go, reluctantly, and began to talk. "I am so glad to finally be able to see you and touch you lover," Tanner said. "Oh god me too," replied Max, "that had to be the worst couple of hours in my life! Sitting in that plane anxious as all hell and not being able to really do anything about it. Except sit there and bounce my legs to try working off some nervous energy for two hours." "I know what you mean. I think I have been pacing back and forth so much that they had to replace the carpet about five times! But no matter, you are finally here! hq young preteens We have to hurry though, our next flight boards in like an hour and we need to get your luggage and get it to the other terminal." "No worries babe! Everything I brought is here," Max said patting the backpack that was slung across his shoulder. "You said to pack light!" "Awesome! The only thing you need where we are going..." Tanner said and then carefully looked around to make sure no eyes were pointed in their direction, "... is already attached." When he said this Tanner reached down and grabbed Max's cock firmly through the lightweight tan shorts Max was wearing. preteen ass xxx Max gasped, "I have been waiting for you to do that for a year!" "There are a lot of things I bet you preteen clothed models have been waiting for me to do babe and I plan on doing every single one of them to you more than once." Tanner said as an evil grin took over his face. "I can't wait," replied Max. "You have less time to wait than you think," Tanner hussyfan preteens pics said still smiling. "What's that mean," Max asked, slightly confused. "Don't worry about it right now sweets," Tanner answered, "We need to get to our boarding gate. I can't wait to get on the plane. The next two weeks, just you and me and a deserted beach in Costa Rica, is going to be awesome! Let's go!" With that said, they ran off down the airport preteen models banned heading towards the check-in counter for their flight to Costa Rica. They arrived shortly, slightly out of breath, but extremely excited. Max and Tanner checked in at the ticket counter and proceeded to head through security. Tanner had checked his luggage through but Max kept his backpack with him. As it went through the x-ray scanner he was pulled aside by the security officer. Apparently, they had found something they didn't like in his bag and asked him to open it. Max's face went beet red but he started to unzip his backpack. When he opened it Tanner saw why Max looked so embarrassed. Nestled between a few pairs of socks and some boxer shorts were 10 small bottles of Wet lubricant. Tanner almost busted out laughing but managed, barely, to hold it back. The security guard, knowing full well what the Wet was used for, asked Max, "What is all of this?" "I...I...well...I have really dry skin," Max answered. Tanner almost lost it again fighting the urge to both laugh and pee his pants. This was one of the funniest things he had seen in awhile. "Well you had better use plenty of it then", the guard said. "I hear that you can get very sore, skin of course, if you don't use enough of this stuff", he imageboard jp preteen said with a knowing wink. That was all Tanner could take, he snorted out a laugh he was holding in that almost made him blow snot out of his nose. "You boys have a good time on the beach and preteen post gallery remember; sand feels good between your toes but usually sucks everywhere else!" "Yes sir!" They both said in unison as Max zipped his bag back up and tried to look as though he didn't want to bury his preteen models licking head in that sand right about now! Tanner grabbed him by the hand and pulled him away from the counter leaving the security office chuckling as they walked towards their gate. "Oh my God!" said Max as they walked away, "I have never been that embarrassed in my life!" Tanner laughed, "Babe that had to be not only the funniest, but the freaking cutest thing I have ever seen! Your face turned so red when you opened that bag ... I coulda thrown a match at your cheek and it would have ignited on contact!" Max reached out and swatted Tanners ass, "Yikes!" Tanner shouted. "How do I get another one of those?" he said smiling. "Keep preteen post gallery it up and that's not all you'll get!" Max said giggling. "Promises, promises," Tanner said smiling. "Hey, there's our gate! It's boarding already. Let's go and get settled. Before you know it we are gonna be in paradise babe!" "I have been in paradise since the day I met you sweets," Max said, "but Costa Rica will be nice too I'm preteen pretty models sure." Tanner blushed, "Come on, before I take you right here in front of everyone!" "Promises, promises right back at you!" Max said as they started boarding the plane.
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Wednesday, July 18th 2012

12:00 AM

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